An individual’s companion shoud become one’s exclusive true love

An individual’s companion shoud become one’s exclusive true love

private (eks KLOO siv) adv. step one. getting rid of others; shutting out everybody; dos. remaining aside all but those individuals shown or specified; step three. perhaps not common; just straight to; cuatro. snobbish • • • •

Exotic Hook’s coastline is for new private access to anybody entitled Sandy. The world club’s private registration committee refuses to take on a loan application off individuals whoever web worth is actually less than $ten,100000,100000. [-ly adv., -ness n.]

exculpate (EKS kul payt) vt. step 1. to prove to-be rather than fault or shame; dos. in order to state to-be guiltless • Verifying Laura’s alibi offered in order to exculpate the woman on the potential fees. • The fresh new DNA abilities got nothing to manage having exculpating the canine in the example of the fresh new disappearing sandwich. [-d, exculpating, exculpatory adj.] [Syn. absolve]

travels (eks KUR zhin) letter. step one. a primary journey which have purpose to return apparently soon for the point away from source; a pleasure jaunt; 2. a round trip on a subway, flat, etcetera., usually which have specific conditions, sold within deal costs; step 3. a group delivering particularly a trip; 4. a good digression from the head area, journey, an such like. • The brand new Community Line focuses on waterborne vacations around the isle from New york. • A saturday night stand-more and you will travelling towards Tuesday or Thursday is actually common standards away from unique prices having airline excursions. • A tour on the Pyramids are area of the Egyptian classification bundle. • A two-go out journey in order to Paris is actually part of the London journey. excellent (for example ZEM plir ee) adj. 1. (of example) a model; really worth replica; dos. providing because a warning; 3. acting as an example, example, etc. • Roxane’s behavior during the bistro is excellent. • The fresh new judge’s major abuse was an exemplary one to and offered once the an alerts in order to potential wrongdoers. • Charlie produced an excellent brownie so the personalized baker do understand what he need made. [exemplarily adv., exemplariness letter.]

Short Opinion #thirty-six Satisfy the term out-of line 2 towards the term from column 1 that means very almost the same thing. 1. proof

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exemplify (such as ZEM pli FY) vt. 1. so you can serve as an example; dos. to demonstrate by example • Gloria’s choices at solemn memorial service reflects the proper way to behave on eg a meeting. • Peter’s article is exemplify what Mrs. [exemplified, -ing]

display (for example ZIB it) vt. step one. to exhibit otherwise display screen; dos. to open up to help you public view; 3. supply proof • Rhea exhibited her university artwork on her parents to admire. • The new Guggenheim collection is actually demonstrated every single day for the an art gallery designed by Honest Lloyd Wright. • Lawrence are exhibiting a good deal of annoyances towards the vehicles clean services. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. establish, reveal]

lives (like ZIST inches) n. 1. county to be; act off traditions; 2. happening; occurrence; step three. a style of life style • Centered on DesCartes, your life has been proven by the simple fact that one to thinks-at the least In my opinion it’s. • The current presence of an excellent circus at the Madison Rectangular Backyard is created clear by the smells that meet the noses regarding passersby. • Abandoned individuals Austin best hookup apps real time a rather wretched lives.

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extortionate (such ZAWR piece int) adj. far beyond what exactly is sensible; immodest; excessive; fancy • Might you declare that William Randolph Hearst lived a tremendously too much lifetime within San Simeon? • Particular (me included) envision $8 theatre tickets become higher. expect (eks PEKT) vt. step 1. to find otherwise anticipate since the going to occurs otherwise appear; dos. to search for since if it was indeed due; step three. so you can guess • Gizmo, your dog, sits by door for every nights during the six:00 expecting their master at any moment. • Shortly after retrieving the brand new customer’s vehicles, the new valet kept out their hands since if an excellent gratuity is actually asked. • Diane expects getting a late dinner after the theater. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. acceptance, presume]