Consequently, Wei Wuxian keeps deep gratitude towards Wen Ning

Consequently, Wei Wuxian keeps deep gratitude towards Wen Ning

Wen Ning

Immediately following Wei Wuxian’s coverage regarding their archery event, Wen Ning seriously admires Wei Wuxian, with the extent that he risks his personal lifetime as well as the life of from his aunt Wen Qing to keep Wei Wuxian and you will Jiang Cheng following the slaughter from Lotus Dock. [29]

Immediately after Wei Wuxian finds out you to Wen Ning might have been taken captive by Lanling Jin Clan on aftermath of one’s Sunshot Campaign, he inhibits a private feast to help you release a recovery objective. As he discovers one Wen Ning was already murdered, the guy brings up him since the an intense Corpse and uses him in order to destroy a few of his captors. [45] Then he covers his loved ones during the Burial Piles and you may works so you can reawaken Wen Ning’s understanding, rendering him the first aware Fierce Corpse. [17]

Even in the event Wei Wuxian very first eyelashes out during the Wen Ning adopting the loss of Jin Zixuan, [46] the guy knows that he himself ‘s the offender, because Wen Ning was actually a hack in his hands within committed. Finally, Wen Qing must paralyze Wei Wuxian in order that she Wen Ning and will give-up so you can Fantastic Carp Tower. [47]

Soon after Wei Wuxian’s resurrection toward Mo Xuanyu’s looks, he’s amazed to see Wen Ning address his summons regarding a powerful creature so you can defeat the newest Heavenly Maiden, proving that he hasn’t been burned because Jin Guangshan got said. [34] Wei Wuxian sooner or later frees their stores and you can takes away brand new nails one to manage him of his lead, enabling their pal so you’re able to regain his awareness once more. [48] [49]

Wei Wuxian worries getting Wen Ning’s not enough assistance, as he provides implemented often Wen Qing or Wei Wuxian for their life time. [50] When Wen Ning sooner or later chooses to part away from Wei Wuxian after the Guanyin Forehead incident, Wei Wuxian seems both sadness to see his pal hop out, and you may joy within their liberty. [33]

Lan Jingyi

Lan Jingyi ‘s the first person in Mo Village to dicuss toward freshly-resurrected Wei Wuxian having kindness, even though his kindness rapidly gets answer to fury when Wei Wuxian takes their Heart-Attraction Banner. [51] Just after he is cut back into the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian seem to irritates Lan Jingyi of the insinuating sexual affairs with Lan Wangji. [52]

Wei Wuxian afterwards preserves Lan Jingyi or other juniors away from Corpse Toxicity during the Yi Area. [53] Lan Jingyi seems to trust a romantic ideas occur ranging from Wei Wuxian and you may Lan Wangji, declaring his nightmare one Wei Wuxian has not yet said people significant last conditions in order to Lan Wangji ahead of his battle with Xue Yang. [54]

When Wei Wuxian’s genuine name is actually revealed, Lan Jingyi conveys fear that Jin Ling will attempt to help you stab Wei Wuxian the next time, exhibiting their faith that Wei Wuxian is not the villain the guy can be believed to be. [43] At Next Siege of your Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian uses the new chatty Lan Jingyi to understand information on this new doubtful Su She. [55]

Just after marrying Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian seem to night-hunts having and you may tutors the fresh juniors, along with Lan Jingyi, one of the few elizabeth they can contemplate. [56] [36] Furthermore, no matter if Lan Qiren possess forbidden the newest juniors out-of conversing with Wei Wuxian during the clan meal, Lan Jingyi rapidly holiday breaks this new rule once they are of Lan Qiren. [23]

Ouyang Zizhen

Ouyang Zizhen is among the junior cultivators aided of the Wei Wuxian in the Yi Urban area. Wei Wuxian considers Ouyang Zizhen a sentimental sorts of offered their description out-of Good-Qing’s ghost and you will teases him he would be quite the fresh new close later on. [57]