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  • How to Fix Microphone Volume Issue on Microsoft Teams With This Simple Trick

    If your device is connected to a headphone or speaker via Bluetooth, then the audio output is being played on that Bluetooth device. If the Bluetooth device is in another room or at a low volume, you won’t notice this. Hence, make sure headphones aren’t connected, or simply turn off the Bluetooth so that the […]

  • How to Fix Microphone Not Working in Windows 10

    Learning how to fix Zoom microphone problems ensures that you’ll never have people yelling ‘you’re on mute! You can decide exactly when people can hear you and when they can’t. If you’re the host of a Zoom meeting, you have additional powers beyond those of the other participants. This includes the ability to mute anyone […]

  • How to fix MSI Microphone not working problem! MSI Global English Forum Index

    These issues can be sound errors, gadget matching issues, equipment inconsistency, internal breakdown, and Windows-related issues. Let’s now move on to an in-depth analysis of the problems that cause the microphone to work inappropriately on digital devices. Nothing can be more frustrating than having audio issues right before your presentation or an ongoing meeting. You […]

  • How to Fix It When a Windows 11 Microphone Is Not Working

    You will not have your mic on when you join any meetings by default. Press the microphone icon to unmute yourself. Note that the meeting host might have muted you for some reason too. In that case, you should message your Host to allow you to speak and then unmute your microphone. The laptop is […]